Friday, May 30, 2008

May F&SF, in a Nutshell

"Reunion" by Robert Reed (ss, good)
"Rebecca's Locket" by S. L. Gilbow (ss, OK)
"Immortal Snake" by Rachel Pollack (nt, meh)
"Firooz and His Brother" by Alex Jeffers (ss, meh)
"Thrilling Wonder Stories" by Albert E. Cowdrey (ss, good)
"Traitor" by M. Rickert (ss, good)
"Circle" by George Tucker (nt, good)

F&SF in May provides us with a heck of a variety, and not one of them is poorly written. We've got aliens, killers, and Native American ghosts. Classic "what-if" sf, fables, and horror. I've got quibbles with some of them, but a few are really thought provoking. Good stuff (and actually reviewed in May!)

Next up is May's Analog, but we'll be into June titles before the first week in June is over, it looks like.

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