Friday, May 23, 2008

Lookit me now!

I've been blurbed!

Over at SFSignal I wrote a review for Zoran Živković's last book from PS Publishing, The Last Book. I really loved it (as I have so far loved all the Živković I've read), so I'm happy to be used in the promotional material.

However, it does tickle me that though the magic of the ellipsis [...] they have joined a sentence from my intro paragraph to a sentence from the second paragraph to pretty much my entire closing paragraph. Talk about cherry picking!

No matter; it's a lovely book and you should all run out and buy a copy right now.


Cheryl said...

That will be the first of many, I'm sure. Lots of publishers are catching on to digital media, and in the case of PS they have the watchful Mr. Raven looking out for useful material to use.

Of course you know you've really made it when someone takes a really negative review and patch together a few words from here and there to make it sound like you loved the book. It will happen.

Zoran Zivkovic said...

I am very flattered, Karen, that you like THE LAST BOOK.

All very best,
Zoran Zivkovic

Karen Burnham said...

Cheryl- Actually, that almost happened with a review of an sf/romance book I reviewed, except they seemed prefectly happy to keep in the bit where I said it was quite fluffy. Speaks to the target market, there.

Thanks for dropping by, Mr. Zivkovic! All the best, and I hope the book does very well. I'm glad to help.

M. said...

Great news, Karen! And a big hooray for the Mars landing too!

Karen Burnham said...

Thanks! And yes, we're all pretty excited about the latest Mars success mission. The prayers of many a JPLer were answered last night.