Saturday, September 13, 2008

We have a plan, but not much info

Life here in San Antonio has been nice and relatively relaxing. We've taken the dogs on a couple hikes out at Eisenhower Park on the outskirts of town, which makes for nice & tired puppies. We've got a minifridge, a microwave, and AC. This afternoon I'm planning on catching up with homework and some writing.

We've also got a plan; we'll stay here on Sunday night and try to head home on Monday. The League City website says "PLEASE DO NOT RETURN TO THE CITY OF LEAGUE CITY UNITL MONDAY SEPTEMBER 15, 2008. Certain areas of the City are without power and there is some localized flooding. Emergency Operations personnel are currently engaged in damage assessment."

However, there isn't much specific information yet. We can't quite tell from the maps whether we're in a 11-13 foot storm surge zone (which should be fine) or a 20+ foot storm surge zone (which would be Very Bad). Also, we won't know until we see for ourselves whether our windows survived - even if we escape flooding, wind-driven rain would damage a lot of stuff (and likely a LOT of books). So we've just got to wait and see. We do know that two of our fencing friends who weathered the storm in Dickinson, about two miles from us, made it through safely and are not flooded. That bodes well.

Thanks for everyone who has called or emailed to check up on us, we really appreciate all the good thoughts. I'll keep this updated, but the real news should come on Monday.


Cheryl said...

Yep, I have been worrying about your books ever since you said you couldn't secure the windows. Fingers crossed.

Karen Burnham said...

We've been considering various scenarios, and I have to say that while losing the books wouldn't be the hardest hit financially/structurally/etc., it would be the worst blow emotionally.

What's worse is that our Library room has the most vulnerable window in the house. Ouch! All we can do is wait and see now. (Although all our not-yet-read books are in a different room, so there's some hope.)