Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pre-Travel Panic

So here's what I've got to do today (some of which would've been done yesterday if it hadn't been for that damned-to-the-eternities-of-hell migraine):

  • Edit & Post my review of the Mundane Interzone
  • Write up notes on the last issue of Baen's and see if there's an essay in there somewhere
  • Edit my review of Flood by Stephen Baxter
  • Edit my review of Lord Tophet and send to SFSignal
  • Laundry
  • Mail out birthday present for my sister (whose birthday occurs during WorldCon)
  • Get car washed/waxed
  • Get pet food
  • Other random shopping bits
  • Fill out FAFSA for my next round of student loans [the FAFSA site won't take Safari or Firefox 3.0, and the copy of IE on my laptop is so crappy that it's refusing to open the FAFSA link at all. Not my day. I'll try it again from the road--maybe there's a brower on Curtis' laptop that might work.]
  • Back-up my laptop and the important files from my new Mac
  • Cook dinner
  • Pack
  • Print out list of hotels along our travel route
Well, the sooner I quit whining and start doing, the sooner I'll be done. Cheers!


John D. said...

If it helps, we can wait on that review... You should be excited not stressed! :)

Karen Burnham said...

John - thanks, I appreciate that. But the hard part (the initial draft) is done. Editing it shouldn't be that bad. Then I won't worry about it while I'm away.

I was totally not stressed out about all this when I thought I had two days to do it, but now the list looks much more ominous.