Tuesday, April 29, 2008

True Purpose

It's a beautiful day here is exurban Houston - low humidity, temps in the mid 70s, light breeze. Lots of flowers blooming and bright sunshine. (For anyone who feels jealous, I'll be in 90% humidity & 90 deg temps before too long, I'm assured. I'm enjoying this while I can.)

Anyway, I've opened the windows to air out the house a bit. So when I was sitting in the library room reading, I finally got to use a Robert Jordan book for the purpose God intended.

Hey, the door was slamming shut and scaring the dogs. What else was I supposed to do?


Jonathan M said...

You certainly weren't supposed to read it ;-)

Alan said...

Maybe you could wrap these and market the concept. I suggest wrapping them in case anyone is tempted to open it and read some.

Karen Burnham said...

You know, that concept might just help used bookstores clear out their massive piles of Jordan inventory. It'd be worth the price of the shrink-wrap machine, I imagine.