Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Free John Kessel Anthology!

From SFSignal I see that Small Beer Press is giving away DRM-free downloads of John Kessel's collection The Baum Plan for Financial Independence. The files will be available, for free, in HTML, plain text, RTF and PDF, under a Creative Commons license. Or, you can get the trade paperback for $16.

Since going on leave from my job, I've been cutting back on my book spending. I was afraid I might have to skip this one, despite meeting John last month (and he is a really great guy) and the rave review that this collection got from Locus. However, now I've downloaded it into my eBook reader, and was able to use PayPal to donate $5 to Small Beer. (They're not shilling for donations by any means, but I saw the button and it just felt right.)

Go! Download! Enjoy! Tell your friends!

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