Monday, June 29, 2009

Reviews, Mind Melds, and WorldCon [Three Things Make a Post]

Today I have a new review up at SFSignal, this one is for Zoran Živković's The Bridge. It's a flat-out surrealist novel, and as I say in my "Bottom Line:"
I have no idea what to think about this collection of stories (but I've written 760 words about it anyway)
Also, make sure not to miss the International-flavored Mind Melds at SFSignal! The first one was up last Wednesday, the second one will be up July 1, and we'll have a third up the week after that. I've been working hard at sending out invites and putting together all the responses. It's been wonderful to work with and hear from writers, translators, and fans from all over the world. It's been a ton more work than your average Mind Meld, but I'm really proud of how it is coming out.

Before I go, let me pass along this information about WorldCon:

There will indeed be a writers' workshop at Anticipation 2009, Worldcon in Montreal this August.

Entry fee is $20 plus $2.58 in taxes, Canadian. This cost is to defray costs of the workshop. You pay the fee when you're notified that you have a slot and not before. Instructions will be emailed to entrants directly.

There are a limited number of slots available and right now, it's one slot per customer, no multiple submissions.

Maximum length is 10,000 words, including any synopsis of the rest of a novel, novella, etc. Shorter lengths, including flash, are fine, even encouraged, but only one story.

Genre: science fiction, fantasy, horror, the usual for a Worldcon
Type: short story or novel excerpt
Language: English or French
We will also consider entries for critique of non-fiction critical essays on the subject of genre, same length requirements.

The entries will be distributed in advance so the window to get space in the workshop won't be open for very long.

Please link to this post or repost the information, even if you're not going to Worldcon this year. Someone on your f-list might be going and might have a story to be critiqued. Official details will be forthcoming on the website and other avenues of communication.

Oz Whiston
Creative Writing Track

Let me draw your attention to: We will also consider entries for critique of non-fiction critical essays on the subject of genre... How often do critics and scholars get to workshop their own work? Ideally, book reviews can be well crafted essays with just as much elegance and readability as any short story. I think this is a great opportunity, and I know that several crit/Masterclass folks will be in Montreal around that time. What better chance to meet up and catch up again?

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