Sunday, August 10, 2008

WorldCon Day 4

Not much time to post. I need to head down to help Farah out with something, then pack, check out, swing by the dealer room (still looking for a copy of What it is We Do When We Read Science Fiction by Paul Kincaid to round out my collection), and head out. We should be back in Texas late Monday, and I'll post my wrap-up thoughts Tuesday, most likely. Had a great time last night, mostly happy with the Hugo results, great people to talk to at parties.


Anonymous said...

Karen, the best way to get hold of the book is to email

And I hope it proves worth it.

Karen Burnham said...

Hey, "Cast Summon Author" works even on critics! Good to know.

Paul, I did find it. Farah had brought along some copies for Mike Walsh at Old Earth Press to sell, and I nabbed the last one.

I thought I had won my game of Critical SF Scavenger Hunt, but Gary burst my bubble. I showed him "What it is We Do," and made my winning claim, when he looked at me and said "Oh, did you find AJ Budry's Benchmarks?"


Off to ABEBooks when I get home.