Monday, August 4, 2008

Fort Collins, Colorado

Things have been quite lovely up here. We've been catching up with family (and "friending" all of Curtis' family on facebook). Curtis is now on facebook, if anyone wants to send him a friend request.

Yesterday was mostly spent hanging out, with a great dinner outside in the perfect weather (although the bees were out enjoying themselves as well). Today we're planning on heading up to Rocky Mountain National Park for some sight-seeing.

This will also give Curtis a chance to try out his new camera. He was out shopping with his brother yesterday, and couldn't resist the temptation. (To be fair, he called me to give me a chance to talk him out of it, and I really couldn't. I was feeling a bit sad about not taking pictures at WorldCon too.)

The only slightly worrying thing is Tropical Storm Edouard, currently bearing down on our house back in Houston. It's not currently projected to become a hurricane, so the house itself should be fine, but we're a bit worried about the dogs in their boarding kennel. I'm sure they'll be fine, but they've never been away from us in these kinds of conditions, and I'm just like a parent, worrying.

There's one other funny bit in this: the week before we left we pushed to get plywood cut for all the windows, so that when a hurricane hits we'll have everything ready. We finished the boards for all but three windows, which cleared up the garage enough that we could get the car back into it. However, now all the lovely storm-worthy plywood is sitting safely in the garage, with no one to put it up now that a storm really is heading for us. C'est la vie.

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