Friday, August 1, 2008

Witchita Falls, TX

Writing from a La Quinta in Witchita Falls. Free wi-fi, which is great. I was able to check my gmail & google reader from my iPod touch while Curtis was on his laptop. Multi-tasking means getting to sleep earlier.

The Armadillo Grill in Bowie was really pretty good - I had a club sandwich and Curtis had the chili cheeseburger, and it definitely hit the spot. Very nice waitresses, too. If you're heading North on 287, it's off the 4th (last) exit for Bowie. At first it looks like you'll be out of luck and there will be no food for you, but keep up your hope and you will be rewarded.

BTW: Twittering can be addictive when you're in a car with little else to do, a working cell phone, and for those stretches when you're not the one driving.

Last random note for the evening: on the road between Bowie & Witchita Falls, in the middle of nowhere, with NO other buildings around, is an Adult Video store, all lit up with Neon (and with cars out front). That's random enough. But just north of this store is a two-sided billboard. If you are headed towards the Porn store (heading south) it is an advertisment for the Porn store. Logical enough. However, if you are leaving the Porn store, it displays a Christian-sponsored anti-pornography statement. Methinks this is probably a local point of some contention.

Random thoughts from the South-western edge of the Bible Belt. Good night!

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