Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Progress Report

Progress is being made on collecting a solid data set for the story-classification project. The recent switch from to has completely hosed the amazing archives that had been living there, but Google cache links came to the rescue. Here's what I've got in the main three categories so far: all of these stories are available online. I'm also willing to consider new categories or different splits, but with the provision that I have to be able to collect ~100 story data sets for each category that I examine--even with a movement as widespread as New Weird (which I wouldn't be able to use anyway, since I'm limiting the categories to stuff that's clearly science fiction) I'm not sure there are 100 short stories fitting the bill out there online. Still, thanks for all the suggestions and links! Keep them coming and I'll keep you posted!

The stories below have not been thoroughly vetted yet: some may be too long, or not properly sf. Let me know if I've made any gross mis-inclusions. Also, if you trip across *any* short stories online that fit these categories, (core sf, correct time period, under 10,000 words) please shoot me a link. With so few Golden Age & New Wave stories out there, it looks like I may be suffering through a lot of OCR for science.

Golden Age (1934-1955)
(17 stories)
Anderson, 1953, Security
Bester, 1953, Star Light, Star Bright
Boucher, 1943, They Bite
Brackett, 1940, Martian Quest
Brackett, 1941, Interplantary Reporter
Clarke, 1946, Rescue party
Heinlein, 1939, Life Line
Leinster, 1946, A Logic Named Joe
Matheson, 1954, Dance of the Dead
Miller, 1955, The Hoofer,
Padgett (Kuttner/Moore), 1945, Line to Tomorrow
Simak, 1955, Project Mastodon
Van Vogt, 1946, Child of the Gods
Smith, 1952, Scanners Live in Vain
Tenn, 1954, Party of the Two Parts
Weinbaum, 1934, Martian Odyssey
Wellman, 1941, Devil's Asteroid

New Wave (1964-1980)
(19 stories)
Aldiss, 1969, Supertoys Last All Summer Long
Blish, 1966, How Beautiful With Banners
Delany, 1967, Aye and Gmorrah
Disch, 1964, Minnesota Gothic
Disch, 1964, Descending
Effinger, 1973, New New York New Orleans
Effinger, 1976, Contentment Satistication, Cheer...
Harrison, 1970, By the Falls
Lafferty, 1965, Slow Tuesday Night
Malzberg, 1969, The Market in Aliens
Pohl, 1967, The Day the Martians Came
Russ, 1972, When it Changed
Saberhagen, 1967, Mr. Jester
Smith, 1967, Under Old Earth
Spinrad, 1967, Carcinoma Angels
Tiptree, 1973, The Women Men Don't See
Tiptree, 1969, Beam Us Home
Wilhelm, 1967, Baby You Were Great
Zebrowski, 1970, The Water Sculptor
Zelazny, 1967, Auto-da-Fe

Post-Cyberpunk (1990-Present)
(34 stories)
Asher, 2003, Watchcrab
Bacigalupi, 2005, People of Sand and Slag
Baxter, 2000, The Gravity Mine
Baxter, 2008, Last Contact
Bear, 2007, Tideline
Brin, 2000, Reality Check
Brotherton, 2009, The Point
Burstein, 2003, Paying it Forward
Chiang, 2008, Exhalation
Daniel, 1995, Life on the Moon
Doctorow, 2007, Printcrime
Egan, 2000, Only Connect
Gaiman, 2007, How to Talk to Girls at Parties
Goonan, 1995, The String
Gregory, 2005, Second Person Present Tense
Jones, 2007, The Tomb Wife
Kowal, 2008, Evil Robot Monkey
Kress, 2005, My Mother, Dancing
Landis, 1991, Walk on the Sun
Levine, 2005, Tk'Tk'Tk
Levine, 2007, Titanium Mike Saves the Day
McLeod, 2007, Who's Afraid of Wolf 359?
McDevitt, 2005, Henry James, This One's For You
Reed. 2007. The Hoplite
Resnick, 2000, Elephants on Neptune
Resnick, 2003, Robots Don't Cry
Resnick, 2008, Article of Faith
Reynolds, 1997, Spy in Europa
Rucker, 2006, The Third Bomb
Sawyer, 1998, The Hand You're Dealt
Scalzi, 2008, After the Coup
Swanwick, 2001, The Dog Said Bow-Wow
Swanwick, 2008, From Babel's Fall'n Glory We Fled
Utley, 1996, A Silurian Tale

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