Sunday, March 8, 2009

New and Shiny

First up, a new small press is a'borning! Verb Noire has the mission statement:
To celebrate the works of talented, underrepresented authors and deliver them to a readership that demands more.

What does that mean? That if you're a talented writer with an awesome, original story about a POC girl/guy/transgendered character, there is a place for you. And that if you're a sci-fi/fantasy fan who has grown tired of the constant whitewashing of these genres, there is a place for you, too.

I wish them all the best. Of course, the best way to wish them all the best is to actually cough up cold hard cash (and I did!), and here's the link where you can do so. Thanks to Torque Control for helping to spread the word.

On the gender-issues front, look what arrived in the mail! Fresh from Wesleyan Press, a wonderful collection of essays On Joanna Russ (it does just what it says on the tin). Edited by Farah Mendlesohn, and with essays by such luminaries as Gary K. Wolfe, Graham Sleight, and Andrew Butler, I'm definitely looking forward to reading this.

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